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Dragon Age Origins V1 04 Mega Trainer

Dragon Age Origins v1 04 Mega Trainer

Dragon Age Origins is a role-playing game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts in 2009. The game is set in the fictional world of Thedas, where the player can create a custom character and embark on an epic quest to stop a dark force known as the Blight. The game features a rich story, a complex combat system, and a variety of choices that affect the outcome of the game.

For those who want to enhance their gaming experience, there is a mega trainer available that can modify various aspects of the game. A trainer is a program that runs in the background and alters the game's memory to enable cheats or hacks. The Dragon Age Origins v1 04 mega trainer is created by BReWErS, a group of hackers who specialize in making trainers for games. The trainer works with the v1 04 version of the game, which is the latest patch as of July 2020.


How to use the trainer

To use the trainer, follow these steps:

  • Download the trainer from [this link].

  • Unpack the trainer with WinRAR or equivalent.

  • Run the trainer from the desktop.

  • Start the game.

  • Press the desired hotkeys to activate or deactivate the options.

Note: If you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7, make sure to run the trainer in administrator mode. Right click the trainer and choose "Run as administrator". Also, be careful of firewalls and antivirus programs, as they may block or delete the trainer. Disable them while playing or add the trainer to the exceptions list.

What are the options

The trainer offers seven options that can be toggled on or off with the numpad keys. Here are the options and their effects:




Numpad 1

Infinite Health

Gives the selected character unlimited health.

Numpad 2

Infinite Stamina

Gives the selected character unlimited stamina.

Numpad 3

Add 1000 Experience

Adds 1000 experience points to the selected character.

Numpad 4

Add 5 Attribute Points

Adds 5 attribute points to the selected character.

Numpad 5

Add 5 Talent Points

Adds 5 talent points to the selected character.

Numpad 6

Add 5 Skill Points

Adds 5 skill points to the selected character.

Numpad 7

Add 1000 Money

Adds 1000 money to your inventory.


The Dragon Age Origins v1 04 mega trainer is a useful tool for gamers who want to have more fun and freedom in playing the game. It can make the game easier or more challenging, depending on how you use it. However, it is not recommended to use it for online play, as it may cause problems or bans. Also, use it at your own risk, as it may affect your game files or performance. Always backup your save files before using any trainer or mod.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know. Thank you for reading!

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