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Mere Dad Ki Maruti Movies Torren

Mere Dad Ki Maruti Movies Torren

Mere Dad Ki Maruti is a 2013 Indian comedy film directed by Ashima Chibber, featuring Saqib Saleem, Rhea Chakraborty, Ram Kapoor and Prabal Panjabi in lead roles. It also features newcomer Rhea Chakraborty in a pivotal role. The film is about a young man who loses his father's brand new car on the eve of his sister's wedding and tries to find it before his dad finds out. The film was produced by Y-Films, a subsidiary of Yash Raj Films, and was released on 15 March 2013.

The film received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, and was a moderate success at the box office. It was praised for its humor, performances, music and direction. The film also won six nominations at various award ceremonies, including the Screen Awards, the Stardust Awards and the Zee Cine Awards.

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However, the film also faced some controversy due to its title and content. Some people objected to the use of the word 'Maruti' in the title, as it is a trademark of Maruti Suzuki India Limited, a leading automobile manufacturer in India. The company filed a lawsuit against the makers of the film, claiming that the title violated their intellectual property rights and tarnished their brand image. The company also alleged that the film showed their car in a negative light, as it was stolen, damaged and involved in illegal activities.

The makers of the film defended their title and content, saying that they had no intention of harming the reputation of Maruti Suzuki or its products. They argued that the title was a common phrase used by people in North India to refer to any car, and that the film was a satire on the obsession of Indians with cars. They also claimed that they had obtained a no-objection certificate from Maruti Suzuki before releasing the film, and that they had given a disclaimer at the beginning of the film stating that it was a work of fiction and had no relation to any person or product.

The case was settled out of court, with both parties agreeing to drop their claims and counterclaims. The film was allowed to retain its title and content, but with some minor changes. The makers of the film agreed to blur out or remove any references to Maruti Suzuki or its products from the film and its promotional materials. They also agreed to pay a nominal amount to Maruti Suzuki as compensation for using their trademark without permission.

Despite the legal issues, the film managed to attract a lot of viewers who enjoyed its comedy and entertainment value. Many people also searched for the film online, using keywords such as 'Mere Dad Ki Maruti movies torren', 'Mere Dad Ki Maruti full movie download', 'Mere Dad Ki Maruti watch online' and so on. However, downloading or streaming pirated copies of the film is illegal and unethical, as it violates the rights of the filmmakers and causes them financial losses. Moreover, such copies may be of poor quality or contain viruses or malware that can harm your device or data.

Therefore, it is advisable to watch Mere Dad Ki Maruti only from legal sources, such as theatres, DVDs or official streaming platforms. By doing so, you can enjoy the film in high quality and support the hard work of the filmmakers and actors. You can also avoid any legal troubles or risks that may arise from accessing pirated content.

Mere Dad Ki Maruti is a fun-filled comedy that will make you laugh and entertain you with its witty dialogues, catchy songs and hilarious situations. It is a film that celebrates the bond between fathers and sons, and the love for cars in India. Watch it legally and responsibly, and have a great time!


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